Did this round of Clomid work?

388e52ad964ba8d67e0986b58fb1ab5fIf you’ve read previous blog posts then you’ll know that I recently tried Clomid again. I tried it about a year and a half ago when we first got in to see a fertility doctor. Clomid is usually the first course of action taken by doctors to treat infertility and anovulation, but it didn’t work for me at all. When the doctor recommended that we try it again, after three failed IUIs, a 6-month hormone break, and two natural miracle cycles, I was kinda excited. Maybe my new diet and lifestyle changes would help my body respond to the medication. Maybe I would eat better this time. Maybe I would stress less knowing what to expect. Maybe this would be how we finally got pregnant. Maybe we’d get twins out of the whole thing!

Lots of maybes here.

So, the question is now, did it help me to ovulate?

So far, no.

I currently cycle day 23 and I have not confirmed any ovulation yet, but I don’t feel completely out of the woods yet. My BBT has seen some huge spikes and drops over the last couple of days, so I wonder if something is going on with my hormones.

Now before people start harping on me telling me BBT isn’t very accurate and it’s hard to keep track of unless you take it at the same time every morning, I’ll let you all know that I use an OvuSense monitor and it takes all of the guesswork out of everything. The patterns I am seeing on my monitor at present, resemble the patterns I was seeing on my chart during my natural ovulation cycles. So it’s got me wondering if I will, in fact, ovulate, albeit a very late ovulation. It’s hard to say right now.

I did have an ultrasound done on Monday CD20, and there was a bit of growth going on, but the doctor wasn’t sure if I had actually ovulated yet. He sent me for blood work that day and I also went for blood work this morning. However, if I do ovulate later than expected, the blood work won’t reflect that, so I have to keep an eye on my BBT chart.

What a process this all can be!

Sometimes I feel like I know too much and that I should just go forth with blind enthusiasm and hope everything will work itself out. That’s what everyone keeps telling me to do. But the fact of the matter is that PCOS is serious business and you need to keep on top of this stuff. Knowledge is power, my friends. And I personally like knowing how my body works.

I do suspect something was happening with my hormones as I had a few symptoms, so I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

My gut tells me I haven’t ovulated and I probably won’t on Clomid. The doctor brought up Letrozole again, which we did try once, but I think the timing was off with my blood work. I also would like to try it now that I have my OvuSense to confirm ovulation. Also, my insurance actually covers Letrozole. Which is always a plus!



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