Keto update: Week 2

f0a462bd2ad8dd9b837816105f920981--keto-memes-keto-quotesI don’t know if it’s because my body loves storing fat or because I may have ovulated this weekend and my period is impending, but I haven’t lost any weight this week. According to my scale, I actually gained a pound. But it’s okay because I am still enjoying doing keto.

It may also have been that I ate WAY too much fat this weekend. I made these cookie dough fat bombs that were DELICIOUS. Maybe a little too delicious because they were all I wanted to eat. It might be because I had a bad head cold this weekend and was feeling sorry for myself, but I pretty much lived off of these things this weekend. Which isn’t very healthy. I know. Anyway, I definitely didn’t feel very good after eating 4 or 5 of those a day.

I know there are some women who will lose up to 10 pounds within the first couple of weeks, but I knew that wouldn’t be my case. My body stores weight. Keto has also made me realize just how sensitive my body is to insulin spikes. My blood sugars have been pretty great since starting keto, usually between 4.5 – 4.9, but if I don’t take my metformin, or consume too many artificial sweeteners, it can jump up to 6.0 real fast. Which isn’t terrible, but I really want to keep them as level as possible. I also notice my cycles return when my blood sugars are consistent. This is my ultimate goal with keto. You have to ovulate to conceive. It’s basic biology. Obviously, weight loss is a bonus.

I am also doing intermittent fasting. I’m doing the 16/8. I have my first meal at noon and I stop eating before 8 pm. It sounds drastic, but it’s actually been pretty easy, and I haven’t been 100% strict with it either. Especially this weekend while I was sick. I definitely ate after 8, but I was also eating at weird times because I was sleeping on and off, so I let it slide. I actually enjoy skipping breakfast. I’ve never been a big eater in the morning and I find a coffee with 2 tbsp of whipping cream has been more than enough to fill me up. If I do get hungry at work, I ALWAYS have a bag of walnuts with me. Always.

This whole keto thing is really about trial and error. I feel like what works for me, might not work for someone else and I think it’s all a matter of hormones. All I know is that my blood sugars are low and I don’t get many spikes or any lows. I haven’t had a low in a LONG time. And to me, that makes it all worth it.

I told myself I would give keto at least a month before deciding if I was going to continue with it or not. 2 weeks down and I do enjoy it, but if I don’t see my cycle return, I might have to reconsider.

I also might have to eliminate dairy again, which will REALLY limit what I can eat. Dairy is pretty much a filler food for keto. I know I can do it, I’ve done it before. I am going to try and limit my dairy this week and see what happens, but I do think I will cut it out completely.

I should mention that even though the scale has shifted up, I do still feel a difference in the way my clothes are fitting, especially my jeans. I definitely feel like I could go down a size, so I am wondering if the weight gain is because my period is on its way and I might see a nice shift on the scale after it’s done.


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Hi, my name is Jodie. I'm a 30-something teacher who loves writing, reading, watching movies, and hanging out with my husband and our two pugs Rocky & Rosie. x

2 thoughts on “Keto update: Week 2”

  1. First off I really like your writing you have an awesome way of flowing thru what you are saying without making it boring! I wouldn’t worry about the scale because as you burn stored body fat sometimes it takes a bit to release because it I’m sure you will get a swoosh soon when all of those cells get together and flush out! I wish you look on your journey to get pregnant I’m sure it’s only a matter of time! Have a fantastic weekend!

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