Keto update: One month

Happy keto-versary to me!

I started keto exactly one month ago today. I started the way of eating (woe) after seeing one of my favourite youtubers, Jessie Retro talk about how she lost 60lbs doing keto. She linked to a video by Raw Beauty Kristi, who had also lost A LOT of weight doing keto. From there I went on a keto-tube binge and watched about 10 keto-related videos. I felt really motivated and excited to start this new woe. I promised I would try it out for at least a month. No cheating. And guess what? I made it an entire month, with zero cheating.

Keto IS really exciting when you first start. You get to eat a lot of fatty and delicious foods and I have never felt like I was on a diet. I always felt full and satisfied after meals and I also never felt like I was over-eating or snacking too much. So, I’m kinda confused as to why I’ve only lost 3 lbs. I know, 3 lbs is 3 lbs! It’s something and I shouldn’t let it define my success,  but it’s hard not to focus on the number on the scale. i feel like we put so much pressure on that number. It’s what people ask about. I get asked constantly “How’s keto? How much have you lost?” “Oh, so-and-so lost 20 lbs after a month…”

I know I need to not compare myself with others. I know I an severely insulin resistant and my body stores fat like no ones business. I know all of these things, but I still can’t help feeling slightly discouraged at my results. Even though I know that’s silly.

What I have noticed is that my clothes are fitting better. Especially my jeans. Dare I even say they’re a little bit baggy. I feel better overall too. I’m not as tired as I was and I can’t even remember the last time I had to have a nap after work. I’m also sleeping A LOT better. I can fall asleep pretty quickly and I’m not getting up to pee in the middle of the night as I used to.

I feel like keto has been good to me so far, but I’m wondering if I need to make a few adjustments. I know people will tell me to track my macros, and I tried for a bit, but I found is REALLY stressful. I used My Fitness Pal and they don’t count net carbs, so it was constantly telling me I was going over my carbs, even though all I had had was some salad and some broccoli. I also don’t want to obsesses about calories and macros, and I know I can get a bit consumed by it all. It’s really easy for me to fall down that rabbit hole, so I’m not even going to go there.

My next course of action would be to cut back on, or possibly even cut out dairy again. I REALLY don’t want to though. I love cheese and I need something to get me through. Cheese helps. It really does. Maybe I need to up my healthy fats? Maybe I need to eat more avocados? Or maybe I just need to relax and let it happen and not be so hard on myself because it’s also “shark week”, so who knows what my results will be after everything is said and done!

I have decided to keep going with keto and I really want to try and not cheat until Mexico, which is only 17 days away now.

I know I can do it.


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Hi, my name is Jodie. I'm a 30-something teacher who loves writing, reading, watching movies, and hanging out with my husband and our two pugs Rocky & Rosie. x

2 thoughts on “Keto update: One month”

    1. I think I’m going to try to up my healthy fats. I am in such a rut with exercise. I blame the cold weather as I love to exercise outside.

      The warmer weather is coming soon though. 🙂

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