Infertility and mental health


A very large media company in Canada is running an awareness campaign today to help relieve the stigma surrounding mental health by encouraging people to talk about their experiences and/or offer their support to those who need it. While I am not necessarily participating in this campaign, it has got me thinking about my own experiences with depression, anxiety,  and infertility.  Continue reading Infertility and mental health

PCOS and insulin: Is keto the solution?


What a controversial little word. It seems like everyone is talking about keto right now. Some people are die-hard converts, while others instinctively dismiss it. How can eating bacon every day help you lose weight? Bacon is full of fat, and fat is bad, right?

Not necessarily.

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Did this round of Clomid work?

388e52ad964ba8d67e0986b58fb1ab5fIf you’ve read previous blog posts then you’ll know that I recently tried Clomid again. I tried it about a year and a half ago when we first got in to see a fertility doctor. Clomid is usually the first course of action taken by doctors to treat infertility and anovulation, but it didn’t work for me at all. When the doctor recommended that we try it again, after three failed IUIs, a 6-month hormone break, and two natural miracle cycles, I was kinda excited. Maybe my new diet and lifestyle changes would help my body respond to the medication. Maybe I would eat better this time. Maybe I would stress less knowing what to expect. Maybe this would be how we finally got pregnant. Maybe we’d get twins out of the whole thing!

Lots of maybes here.

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Quick catch up and happy holidays!


The only picture I took over the holidays. Whoops! Cooking Christmas Eve brunch for my family. Sister included.

Happy holidays, everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas (if you celebrate it) and are looking forward to the new year. I know I am. I took a little time off to relax and spend time with my family, but I’m now in that weird period after Christmas with nothing to do, so I thought I’d pop on here and say hello and give everyone an update.

I am currently on day 2 of 5 of my fourth(?) round of Clomiphene Citrate. I tried Clomid over a year ago and it didn’t work for me. But since my cycles have started to somewhat regulate themselves, my doctor thinks my body will respond this time. I sure hope so.

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The super long infertility journey post (part 3, final)

I have seriously been putting this one off. I knew this post would be a tough one to write because it w9c3d5eb7839e90ef057c673a450b6384as at this time in our journey that shit got really real.

We were infertile. For real this time. It said so on our chart and everything. It wasn’t just a matter of popping a pill and having sex every other night anymore. That didn’t work. My body treated those pills like they were multi-vitamins. We had to call in the big guns.

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